Seatbelt Failure

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What Happens When Seatbelts Fail

Everyone knows you’re supposed to wear a seatbelt while driving—but what happens when your seatbelt doesn’t work?

Unfortunately, many people don’t find out that their car’s seatbelts are defective or dysfunctional until they are in an accident. When seatbelts break, disconnect, or otherwise fail, the consequences for passengers and drivers can be devastating, if not deadly. In fact, tens of thousands of people in the United States die and millions more are injured each year due to seatbelt failure.

During a car accident, it may not be clear right away that your seatbelt failed. However, if you were ejected from your vehicle during the crash or became unbelted at some point during the accident, your seatbelt may have ripped or unlatched.

Seatbelts that Tend to Fail or Malfunction During Accidents

Seatbelts that are prone to malfunction or injury include those that:

  • Only strap across the waist/lap
  • Attach to the car door or ceiling
  • Are defectively woven
  • Do not securely latch
  • Appear and sound as if they have latched but are not securely connected

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help

Even if you are unsure as to the reason your seatbelt was no longer attached after your accident, our team at Saint & Watzke is here to help you dive into the details of your accident and figure it out. Our experience car accident lawyers can help you uncover the role that seatbelt malfunctions may have played in your injuries. Once we identify the problem, our Tulsa car accident attorneys can work with you to establish liability for your injuries and pinpoint the responsible party whose negligence contributed to your seatbelt’s dysfunction.

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