Multiple DUIs in Oklahoma

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Multiple DUI Penalties

In Oklahoma, if you BAC is .08 or above and you are operating a motor vehicle, you care considered driving under the influence. While getting arrested for your first DUI can be stressful and frightening enough, earning a second, third or subsequent DUI violation is even more devastating. Multiple DUIs results in longer jail sentences and revocation periods, as well as increased fines.

If you are convicted of a DUI, the following penalties include:

  • Second Offense (Within 10 Years) – Felony
    • Jail sentence between one and five years
    • Fine of up to $2,500
    • License suspension for up to three years
    • Ignition Interlock Device installation required
    • Participation in a Drug/Alcohol assessment and counseling
    • Inpatient treatment of at least 5 days or 5 days in jail
  • Third or Subsequent Offense – Felony
    • Jail sentence between one and ten years
    • Fine of up to $5,000
    • License suspension for up to three years
    • Ignition Interlock Device installation required
    • 240 hours of community service
    • Inpatient treatment of at least 10 days or 10 days in jail.

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Having multiple DUIs on your record can make it difficult for you to take advantage of life’s opportunities, such as applying for a job or purchasing a home. Our Broken Arrow DUI lawyers are capable of helping you navigate through the complexities of your case in order to obtain the results you desire. We can develop a relentless and personalized defense strategy in order to protect your reputation and rights.

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