Field Sobriety Tests

Did You Take a Field Sobriety Test Before Getting Arrested for a DUI?

Police officers in Oklahoma and throughout the United States administer field sobriety tests (FSTs). However, these tests are typically subjective. While most people believe FSTs are meant to determine intoxication, they are actually done to gather evidence against suspected drunk drivers and prove they have demonstrated impairment.

3 Types of Field Sobriety Tests

There are three standard FSTs: the one-leg stand, walk-and-turn, and the horizontal gaze nystagmus test:

  • The one-leg stand entails raising one foot six inches off the ground while the person counts out loud until the officer tells him or her to stop. During the counting portion, the individual’s hands must remain on his or her sides. This type of test is often difficult to perform if you have back or leg problems, or if you are taking the test on an uneven surface.
  • The walk-and-turn test consists of walking in a straight line, taking nine heel-to-toe steps while counting out loud. After the ninth step, the person must pivot on his or her front foot and walk back in the same manner. Again, those with back and leg injuries, or have coordination issues, may find it difficult to perform this test.
  • In the horizontal gaze nystagmus test, the person’s head must stay still while an officer tells him or her to follow a light or pen, looking for any indication of impairment. Those with eye issues or attention problems can be wrongly accused for being intoxicated.

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